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U2D Aprenia with the powerful Expert Q&A component

A Q&A element in the knowledge management system allows you to not only centralize the expertise that currently exists within the organization, but also to identify knowledge gaps that should be filled.

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expert feature

The active process at U2D Aprenia begins with the creation of Sparks, where users share their knowledge with collaborators in a variety of ways.

For example, know-how can be transferred in the form of a document, a knowledge article, a video or now also through a link.

The basic principle here is that the company's employees are aware of the existing knowledge and pass it on internally via the centrally controlled platform, U2D Aprenia, both to new employees - in the sense of onboarding - and to the "old hands".

But what if a so-called expert is not aware that there is a need for his/her knowledge on a certain topic?

Many current employee questions have already been asked and will be asked again in the future.

Answering the same question over and over again wastes not only employees' time, but customers' valuable time as well. This can be particularly detrimental in a customer service environment, considering that more than three-fourths of customers expect a response in five minutes or less over both the phone and online chat. So why not find a way to answer the question just once? A Q&A element in the knowledge management system allows you to not only centralize the expertise that currently exists in your organization, but also to identify knowledge gaps that should be filled.

Expert Dashboard

This can help your business prioritize the creation of new content and grow the knowledge base over time.

The expert function

The success of a company is due to the strengths of each individual employee.

Extensive knowledge of the individual specialist areas is a prerequisite.

As the internal data protection officer, Mr. Betz has the ability to always answer all questions about data security.

Ms. Müller's know-how from the HR department, on the other hand, includes in-depth knowledge of human resources.

However, the so-called experts of the respective departments may not even know that a special topic of a department is needed by a colleague.

The expert Q&A thus enables not only the provision of knowledge but also the gathering of employee knowledge.

Basic concept

In principle, a user can add and edit the expert knowledge independently in their own profile biography.

It is assumed that the employee has extensive and in-depth knowledge of these topics.

Open questions on an expert topic are automatically listed with the experts in the Q&A view.

But what if a question is asked for which there is a so-called Hidden Expert ("hidden" expert) who has not yet provided the requested expert knowledge and therefore does not receive the open questions to be answered?

Hidden expert

Hidden Experts

Therefore, new questions are released as expert topics in the "Expert Q&A" for everyone to see.

Every "Hidden Expert" has the opportunity to view and answer current questions on a topic.

Expert knowledge can be added to the profile quickly and easily with just one click.

The know-how transfer is maximized via the "Expert Q&A" feature.
The knowledge of each employee is taken into account and thus the potential wealth of knowledge is increased.

Expert Dashboard

Expert Q&A

The basic principle of the "Expert Q&A" is simple:

Each user has the option of asking questions for which no Sparks have been created in the past, as well as creating and editing expert knowledge independently in their own profile.

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