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Smart Companion – the U2D Aprenia Chatbot

In times of digitization, we humans resort to modern technology due to our convenience both in everyday life and in professional life. You can find out here how Smart Companion influences our everyday lives and what role the chatbot plays in U2D Aprenia!

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With the start of the fourth industrial revolution at the beginning of the 21st century, the era of the internet and digitization began at the same time.

People from all over the world can increasingly get in touch with each other, both personally and in a business sense.

Interaction in social media in particular is part of the development of Generation Z.

The use of digital media has increased significantly over the past 20 years. Especially with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, these communication channels are often the most important, if not in many cases the only way to communicate and stay in touch with the environment.

The pandemic also proved to be a booster for the further development of digital technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Everyday helpers can recognize, interpret and develop themselves.

Examples of this can be found everywhere and are increasingly being used.

Google, Amazon, Apple - Smart Companion penetrates everyday life

Almost everyone has come into contact with Alexa & Co.

Hardly anyone can escape the fascination of digitization and thus also of a modern lifestyle.

The possibility of making everyday life easier or reducing the time required is an interesting and attractive thought for many people.

With Amazon Echo or Google Home, for the first time in many households there is a voice box in the living room that delivers news, information and music on demand, tells jokes, but can also control household devices.

Even if the initial enthusiasm has evaporated, the language assistants have become part of everyday life and for many it is impossible to imagine life without them.

How is digitization changing our communication?

First of all, digitization means: Society is changing.

Media influence makes people more inscrutable and unpredictable. Combined with new opportunities, values ​​and advantages, digitization is a modern form of communication.

Opportunities arise primarily through the support of people in being able to work more efficiently, faster and more creatively.

Information and knowledge of any kind can be easily and easily transferred and processed with just one click.


Smart Companion - the U2D Aprenia Chatbot as a smart companion

The term "Smart Companion" originally comes from the English-speaking world. Translated, this means "intelligent companion".

U2D Aprenia as an intuitive knowledge management system

People have different ways of learning and different levels of knowledge.

As a result, there are also considerable differences in knowledge within the company, which means that enormous potential is lost.

The main business goal is to improve the learning experience.

In order to achieve this strategic goal, the different skills and experiences of learners must be taken into account.

U2D Aprenia supports the transfer of know-how in companies with open learning cultures and offers every type of learning the right format for it.

With the modern LXP, each user can independently share knowledge with colleagues in the form of sparks.


U2D Aprenia as an intuitive knowledge management system

Preni, the chatbot, is always available to the users of U2D Aprenia as a proactive companion with advice and support and provides support on a variety of topics.

The following chatbot functionalities are implemented:

- Individual greeting of the user
- Motivation of the user
- Answering all portal-specific questions
- Support of the portal's gamification module, including information transmission to the user about new points, new unlocked badges (badges), new comments and Reviews.

Preni also supports with hints and suggestions for improvement.

Aprenia application

Increase know-how transfer sustainably with an LXP!

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