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Pluralsight offers technical training and professional development. With a wide range of courses in areas such as software development, IT and design, Pluralsight targets individuals and companies to improve skills and educate themselves in current technologies. The platform offers video content, exercises and certificates for learners at different experience levels.



"Empower your tech teams to deliver key business results by making continuing education and retraining as easy as turning on their laptop. Use the power of curated learning paths to guide teams through the exact skills they need to advance from novice to guru in a variety of tech skills." (

Categories at Pluralsight

illus-bulletArchitecture & construction
illus-bulletBusiness professional
illus-bulletCreative professional
illus-bulletData professional
illus-bulletIT ops
illus-bulletManufacturing & design
illus-bulletInformation & cyber security
illus-bulletSoftware development
illus-bulletWeb development

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Pluralsight E-Learnings Selection:

icon-check-greenGetting started with Agile Business Analysis and IIBA-AAC certification
icon-check-greenOperating and configuring network address translation
icon-check-greenWorking in team
icon-check-greenManaging project communications and risks
icon-check-greenManaging Windows 10/11 desktops: policies and profiles
icon-check-greenAgile team practices with Scrum
icon-check-greenViewing and editing data in Excel 2016
icon-check-greenLean and Agile Enterprise Architecture: Getting Started
icon-check-greenBasic security concepts for Cisco networks


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