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U2D Aprenia

Increase the exchange of knowledge between your employees with artificial intelligence

KI Künstliche Intelligenz

The most intuitive social learning platform for entrepreneurial know-how transfer with artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence increases the effective and successful exchange of knowledge within the company

Sustainable learning success

The Aprenia LXP enables employees to independently exchange knowledge in their company.

Nachhaltige Lernerfolge

Use experience potential

Encourage your learning communities for independent know-how transfer and unleash the existing potential for experience in the company.

Erfahrungspotenzial nutzen

Broad range of learning

Aprenia supports all common learning formats. An effective and successful exchange of knowledge is thus guaranteed at all times.

Breites Lernspektrum

Share new knowledge

In the form of Sparks, knowledge can be created and shared quickly and easily. Intelligent knowledge management has never been so intuitive and flexible!

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