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Welcome to U2D Aprenia! Our mission is to inspire organisations, promote continuous learning and strengthen collaboration through our innovative platform. With a visionary focus, we strive to become the preferred solution for effective corporate learning. Our mission statement emphasises the transformative power of knowledge sharing and individual learning to unleash the full potential of each individual. In a spirit of partnership, we are shaping a future where curiosity and innovation thrive.

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U2D Aprenia's vision is to become the preferred platform for efficient and motivating corporate learning, using innovative technologies and continuous development to promote employee development and long-term corporate success.


U2D Aprenia - giving knowledge a space.


U2D Aprenia's mission is to empower organisations through an innovative Learning Experience Platform to create an inspiring learning culture that promotes continuous learning and collaboration to revolutionise knowledge transfer and increase business success through knowledge sharing.

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Accelerate Knowledge. Elevate success: U2D Aprenia

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Mission statement

U2D Aprenia strives to transform corporate learning and knowledge processes by creating an innovative, collaborative learning platform that promotes continuous employee development. We believe in the value of knowledge sharing and strive to help organisations realise their full potential while enabling personalised and self-directed learning.


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"Due to the different use cases, U2D Aprenia can also be called a Swiss army knife among learning platforms. The spectrum of use cases ranges from the e-learning media library to the documentation of software or ISO processes to the transfer of know-how in the context of onbo"   Stephan Ottenschläger, Managing Director U2D LAB

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