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Knowledge management made easy for modern companies!


Accelerate Knowledge. Elevate Success. Whether onboarding, documentation system, know-how transfer or knowledge media library - U2D Aprenia adapts to your use case!

 illus-bulletScalable infrastructure
Our platform grows with your company, offering flexible customization for efficient knowledge management of any size.
 illus-bulletIndividual customizations
Tailor-made for your needs - customize the platform to ensure optimal knowledge management.
 illus-bullet20 years of experience
Rely on our 20 years of expertise in knowledge management for sustainable business success and efficiency.


What is U2D Aprenia?

U2D Aprenia is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP) that helps organizations create a sustainable learning culture. The platform offers a variety of features that enable learners to have a personalized, effective and collaborative learning experience.

Webinar: How modern know-how transfer works

Knowledge transfer and the learning culture have changed drastically in recent years. In our free webinar, we would like to offer you assistance in mastering digitalization and the shortage of skilled workers and thus leading your company into a sustainable learning culture.

illus-bullet Why is a new learning culture necessary?

illus-bullet Steps to transform the learning culture

illus-bullet Practical application of an LXP


Mann sitzt vor PC

All knowledge in one place

Share knowledge

The place where you can store specialist knowledge and share it with colleagues.

Wissen teilen

Wissen abrufen

Retrieve knowledge

The place to go to access your knowledge and that of your colleagues.

Discover knowledge

Get recommendations based on your interests.

Wissen entdecken


"We use Aprenia primarily as an internal "wiki" for our marketing department. This saves us time when onboarding new employees and still ensures that a comprehensive transfer of knowledge takes place."

Stefan Hofer
Head of Marketing, Neumüller Group

Bundle time resources

Inform employees

 All team members are on the same page.

Team informieren

Zeit sparen

Save time

Save recurring questions.

Optimize onboarding

Simplify the onboarding of new colleagues.

Onboarding optimieren



U2D Aprenia Live

Book an appointment to see U2D Aprenia in action! An expert will guide you through the learning experience platform for 30 minutes.

One LXP - maximum compatibility

The U2D Aprenia learning experience platform is based on the 3-pillar model when it comes to content. Content can be integrated from external providers or from existing company structures. In addition, your employees can take the initiative themselves at any time and contribute their knowledge and expertise to the platform.

Work together efficiently

Network with each other

Helps break down silos and promotes corporate and group culture.

Miteinander vernetzen


kollaborativ arbeiten


Work collaboratively

Strengthens cohesion, as every employee can actively contribute to success.

Digitize content

Digitizes internal training and further education processes.

Spark erstellen


Test U2D Aprenia!

Request the 14-day trial version of U2D Aprenia today with no obligation! Fill out the form, arrange a trial period by phone and get started!

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Andreas Mändlein
Sales director
Siegfried Hornung