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Know-how transfer
in 2024

Next date: April 25, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

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Our B2B webinar on the topic 
"Corporate learning of the future"

Digitization has become an integral part of the modern business world. Almost all companies have digitized most of their internal processes. However, the challenges posed by the age of digitalization do not stop there. Companies with a claim to modernity must address the issue of how they can digitally optimize processes. One part of this is the digital transfer of knowledge within the company. However, this is precisely where many decision-makers cut corners - and then come up against challenges such as generational change and a shortage of skilled workers. This is precisely why it is essential to optimize and digitalize your company's learning culture at an early stage!

Knowledge management in the digital age

The development of the digital age has an enormous impact on all social groups and the professional world. Digitalization in terms of knowledge management is breaking down boundaries and creating new paths in many respects. But what does this mean for modern corporate management?



"An effective digital learning culture creates an environment in which employees can develop their full potential." - Simon Sinek (TEDx Talk)




The future of learning

 Digitalization is omnipresent and also brings with it many changes in the professional and educational world that need to be taken into account. An LMS in conjunction with an LXP offers the decisive advantage!

Agenda Webinar



illus-bulletWhy is a new learning culture necessary?

illus-bulletIntroduction to LXP

illus-bulletSteps to transform the learning culture

illus-bulletPractical application of an LXP

 illus-bulletBest practices and tips

 illus-bulletSuccess stories


illus-bulletConclusion and summary

 illus-bulletClosing and thanks

Free participation in the webinar

To find out what the learning culture will look like in the coming years and why LXPs are currently conquering the e-learning sector, register quickly and free of charge for the webinar with LXP expert and U2D LAB Managing Director Stephan Ottenschläger.



Conditions of participation: This offer is aimed exclusively at company representatives from the areas of personnel and corporate development as well as managing directors, but not at private individuals. We reserve the right to contact you in advance to ensure the authenticity of your request. Each person can register once with their company address and email. You will receive the confirmation of participation separately after booking the appointment with an e-mail as a link (the dispatch time depends on the office hours of our employees). Legal recourse is excluded. The general data protection regulations apply.

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